Team Week 2024

Canadian-based physiotherapist, Nathalie, completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa and is a graduate of the Physiotherapy program at the University of Toronto. She has worked at the sports medicine clinic at Carleton University for 26 years. Nathalie shares her journey to becoming a specialist in sports medicine with a special interest in treating individuals with complex hip conditions, including hip dysplasia. She talks about the importance of her role in educating and empowering patients to be able to advocate for themselves on the healthcare team to have the best experiences and outcomes.
Katie is a Child Life Specialist who has had the privilege of working in a number of children’s hospitals and has spent the past 7 years serving children and families in Zambia. Katie shares about the child life specialist profession, discusses the roles child life specialists can play in supporting children, adolescents, and families navigating their hip dysplasia journey. Katie emphasizes the importance of providing developmentally appropriate information to children and adolescents undergoing treatment for hip dysplasia and supporting the psychosocial needs of patients fand families. Katie provides guidance for seeking child life specialist services in your healthcare system and locating other resources to support your or your child’s journey.
Meet Chelsea! Chelsea is a pediatric nurse practitioner who joins us to discuss the role of nurses and nurse practitioners on patient care teams. She shares “I have been in the field of pediatrics for my entire career- first as a pediatric nurse, and now as a pediatric NP! I am a hip dysplasia patient as well so it has been interesting being on the other side of the exam room. I’m a big fan of Ohio State, all things Disney, and running! In my free time I like to practice calligraphy or binge watch reality TV. I plan on learning how to crochet post operatively after my PAO!”
Meet Dr. Sankar! Dr. Sankar is the Director of the Young Adult Hip Preservation Program and heads up the Hip Disorders Program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). He cares for patients with hip dysplasia from babies through young adults. Dr. Sankar shares his journey to becoming a renowned hip surgeon. He talks about the role of the hip surgeon on the patient care team and shares information about hip dysplasia diagnosis and treatments from infancy through adulthood.
Meet Kait, an occupational therapist, hip patient, and patient advocate. Kait talks about occupational therapy and the role occupational therapists play on the patient care team. She shares the quote, “Medicine gives days to your life, but occupational therapy gives life to your days,” and talks about how occupational therapists can help empower patients, promote independence and self-esteem after hip and other lower extremity surgeries. She shares her story of seeking a diagnosis and treatment plan for her complex orthopedic condition and how she has used the literal and figurative tools of her trade to navigate her personal journey.
Meet Michelle and Kylie! This inspiring mother/daughter team joins us to share their experience with hip dysplasia. Kylie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia as an infant and continues to have face hip dysplasia-related surgeries to this day. Kylie and Michelle share the challenges of living with hip dysplasia, but also describe the strength they have gained through their journeys and how they continue to thrive in the face of adversity.
Meet Holly! Holly is a UK-based physiotherapist who combines her skills as an advanced physiotherapist practitioner with her personal experiences around hip dysplasia to care for patients with hip dysplasia. Holly shares information about how she approaches caring for patients with hip dysplasia both conservatively (without surgery) and as part of pre and post-operative rehabilitation programs for patients who have surgery. She discusses some specific rehabilitation programs she uses with patients after PAO surgery and general recovery timelines. Holly discusses limitations in hip dysplasia rehabilitation research and describes some of the areas of research she hopes will develop. When enjoying this interview, please keep in mind that the post-op PAO rehab protocol and timelines shared in this interview may not be the same as your surgeon’s. Please make sure to follow your surgeon’s post-op weight-bearing and rehab guidelines and timelines.