The Expert Patient: Resources BY Patients FOR Patients

Medical providers should be your experts for most questions related to your hip dysplasia diagnosis, your treatment options and plans of care, and your mental health needs.  However, at Miles4Hips, we also recognize that there is a level of expertise that can only those who have had the experience of living with a hip dysplasia diagnosis or caring for an individual with a hip dysplasia diagnosis can know.

This education and resource section celebrates those unique contributions of patient,s families, and friends who have experienced hip dysplasia and are the experts in living with it.

Please remember that these resources are from individual patients, families, and friends.  We have included them since we feel that they may apply to many individuals experiencing hip dysplasia. However, what is true for some may not be true for you.  This is okay!  Everyone experiences hip dysplasia in their own way.

We invite you to enjoy these resources and to reach out with any questions, concerns, or resources of your own that you feel like patients, families, and friends may enjoy.

Interview with a Caregiver

Claire, an adult hip dysplasia patient, interviews her Mum to learn more about the experience of caregiving for a loved one with hip dysplasia and to provide support for others.

A Letter to Caregivers

Hip dysplasia can be a challenge for patients but also for our caregivers. Erin, an adult hip dysplasia patient, shares a touching letter for caregivers on how to navigate this time with loved ones.

Lessons on Healing

Erin, an adult hip dysplasia patient, shares what she has learned through her hip dysplasia journey and her healing process

Maintaining a Positive Morning Routine

Erin, an adult hip dysplasia patient, shares strategies for hip dysplasia patients about how to start each day with positivity

Mental Health Reflections

Danielle, an adult hip dysplasia patient and mother of two teenage girls with hip dysplasia, shares the mental tirumphs and challenges of hip dysplasia

Preparing Yourself and Your Child for Hip Dysplasia

Carley, the Mom of an infant with hip dysplasia, shares her expert advise for parents preparing for hip dysplasia surgery for their babies and managing life in a Spica cast and braces

The Ultimate Hospital Packing List

You’ve Just Been Diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia…Now What?

Nancy, an adult hip dysplasia patient, shares tips for what to do after hip dysplasia diagnosis