The Miles4Hips Virtual 5K and Day of Movement Official Tee Shirt – Meet Olivia

The “Hope for Hips” shirt received a whopping 24% of votes in our tee shirt design challenge and will be the official design for the inaugural Miles4Hips Virtual 5K and Day of Movement on 6/8/19

Miles4Hips is thrilled to present the official tee shirt for our inaugural event, the Miles4Hips Virtual 5K and Day of Movement coming up on 6/8/19.  We held a tee shirt design competition and the winning design was the “Hope for Hips” tee shirt developed by one of our supporters and hip dysplasia advocates, Angela.  Angela was inspired to design a tee shirt by her young daughter, Olivia, who is currently being treated for hip dysplasia.  Olivia’s beautiful smile is contagious and truly carries with it great “Hope for Hips.”  Because of people like Angela, Olivia, and everyone else supporting our efforts and those of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, we can all have HOPE –

– HOPE that more and more cases of hip dysplasia will be prevented or diagnosed shortly after birth

– HOPE that fewer families will need to go through the fear and stress of watching their child go through treatment for hip dysplasia

– HOPE that surgical and non-surgical interventions in infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood  will provide excellent, predictable, long-term outcomes

– HOPE that all people with hip dysplasia, from very young to very old can be free to pursue any miles their life journey takes them, without the reality or fear of pain and disability from hip dysplasia


Here is Olivia’s story, shared by her Mom:

“Our daughter, Olivia, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in her left hip, completely dislocated with an acetabular angle of 45, when she was 13 months and had an open reduction on March 2, 2017. Casted for 3 months. She was in the Rhino for nights and naps until she was 2. Her angle was borderline normal until six months ago, then regressed to 30 degrees this February checkup. She is now 3 years old. We are now facing a pelvic osteotomy on April 11th. This whole Hip journey has been heartbreaking. I knew nothing about DDH before our experience. I have relied on support and advice from social media groups, they are a godsend. I loved the idea of the 5k virtual run to spread awareness for hip dysplasia. Miles4hips rules! We all will get through this! My hope is to have better screening for babies and decreased late diagnoses rates. It’s a tough road for all, whether in braces from birth, or having to undergo surgeries. The most difficult thing is to see your baby scared or in pain, and missing out on activities. Hip parents and anyone dealing with this condition are warriors!”