Community Collaborators

At Miles4Hips we see ourselves as a piece of a larger puzzle. Hip dysplasia is a global problem, and it will take people and organizations coming together from all over the world to solve it. There is some incredible work being done for hip dysplasia by patients, families, friends, advocacy groups, researchers, and medical providers. Miles4Hips would like to support our community by sharing resources and networks of individuals and groups. If you have a hip dysplasia-related organization or service, please share so we can add it to our list.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” — Henry Ford

Adult Hip Dysplasia Rehab Strategies

A private forum on Facebook and open to public on Instagram under the name @hipdysplasiastrategies, this group is run by Linda Bleck, an adult hip dysplasia patient who has a lot of personal experience with hip rehab. Linda shares: “We provide safe support to those who have the hip dysplasia and provide ideas and strategies to help patients better cope with their condition. Forging friendships of understanding and empathy is our strongest attribute.” She welcomes anyone to join. 

Help for Hip Dysplasia

“Help for Hip Dysplasia” was founded by Laura Rutterford, a UK-based hip dysplasia patient, physiotherapist, and Pilates instructor. Laura specializes in treatment and programme development for individuals with hip dysplasia. She also hosts the “Help for Hip Dysplasia Podcast” where she interviews members of the hip dysplasia community.

I’m a HIPpy

I’m a HIPpy is a Vancouver based grassroots organization powered by a community passionate about Hip Dysplasia and children’s Hip Health.  Our vision is a world free from the burden of Hip Dysplasia.  We will get there by supporting initiatives in research, education, and innovation that will impact children not just in Vancouver, but all over the world.

International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI)

Miles4Hips functions under the umbrella of the IHDI, and organization whose mission is: “to reduce the physical, social, and economic burden for children and adults affected by neonatal hip instability and developmental dysplasia of the hip.”

International Hip Dysplasia Registry (IHDR)

Miles4Hips serves on the Knowledge Translation Advisory Board for the IHDR to support their goals which include: “addressing current gaps of knowledge in the clinical practices of hip dysplasia…[and] development of global education and advocacy initiatives… to optimize patient care in health care systems around the world.”

Love Thy Hips

Love Thy Hips is a 1-mile walk/run organized by hip dysplasia patient and advocate, Ellie Yoffie, to fundraise for the Hip Preservation Program at Boston Medical Center. The event will be held on September 6, 2020 in Newton, MA, however anyone is welcome to participate virtually.

PAO Buddies

PAO Buddies is a site focusing on connecting people with hip dysplasia who have had or are considering a PAO surgery. We hope that by connecting others with a mentor, surgery date buddy, or just someone to talk to, it will help bring people to join a new community of people who understand each other.

Spica Life

Hi, we are Kyle and Bridget Watts and we run Spica Life. Our middle child, Londyn, was diagnosed with DDH at 4 months of age. She underwent treatment with the Pavlik harness and when that failed, 18 weeks in a spica cast. She got out of her cast shortly after her first birthday. Since then, she’s been growing and still under yearly checks from her orthopedic surgeon; thankfully her hips have been looking good! We run Spica Life to help connect new or returning spica parents to helpful resources and information. We truly believe the hip dysplasia motto: together we can, together we will!

Starfish Babes

Starfish Babes is an Australian-based company born out of a mother’s frustration with the lack of safe and comfortable clothes for her baby while she was undergoing treatment in a Pavlik Harness for hip dyplasia. Starfish Babes sells sleeping bags, Pavlik Harness covers, and other necessities for your Starfish Babe!